Why does "weight loss" become the theme of the patriotic health movement

China Youth Daily client Yunnan Qujing, April 18 (China Youth Daily · Zhongqing.com reporter Liu Yangrong) April this year is the 36th National Patriotic Health Month. This morning, the National Health Commission held a press conference in Qujing, Yunnan.Introduce the situation related to the patriotic health movement.
"The patriotic health movement has Chinese characteristics. It is a vivid practice of hygiene and epidemic prevention and the mass line. It is also a great founding." Mao Qunan, deputy director of the National Love Health Office and director of the Division of the National Health and Health Commission Division, said at the press conference.The Patriotic Health Movement originated from environmental improvement and eliminating infectious diseases. After entering the new era, the patriotic health movement also faces new situations, new tasks, and new problems.
At the conference site.China Youth Daily · Zhongqing.com reporter Liu Yangrong/Photo
The theme of this year's patriotic health movement is "healthy urban health weight".Why is the theme of "healthy weight" this year?Mao Qunan said that with the changes in the lifestyle and the improvement of the living standards of our people, the number of overweight obesity has shown an upward trend.Experts have reminded that the impact of young people's overweight and obesity on future healthy growth is very great.
"At present, the number of overweight obesity in my country has increased and facing the urgent task of controlling the incidence of chronic diseases. Therefore, we have determined to use the patriotic health monthly publicity this year. Please pay attention to the 'healthy weight'." Mao Qunan said.
Lifetime is an important cause of obesity. Mao Qunan admits that it is not easy to change people's lifestyle. It is necessary to take comprehensive measures from various aspects such as exercise, medical and health services to effectively manage.Promote civilized and healthy lifestyles in the whole society and prevent and control chronic diseases. "
Recently, the National Love Health Office held the launch of the Patriotic Health Month, and various places are also actively organizing various activities, such as "there is a healthy weight and weight" and "weight loss for weight", which helps the implementation of the concept of "healthy weight".
The reason why this conference chose to be held in Yunnan was because in the face of the new situation, new tasks, and new issues, Yunnan Province actively explored the role of group organizations, social organizations and grass -roots organizations through the patriotic health movement, and mobilized the masses, the masses,Relying on the masses and serving the masses to improve the health quality and health level of the masses.
Li Xianxiang, mayor of Qujing City, Yunnan Province, introduced that during the patriotic health movement, Qu Jing's special "family health" special operation achieved good results.This action is led by the Women's Federation to integrate the strength of multiple departments such as health, education, sports, civil affairs, etc., and select a "healthy mother" in each family to give full play to the unique role of women in promoting family health and lead the family to improve health literacy, Advocate a civilized and healthy lifestyle."We drive the 'healthy family' through 'healthy mother', and 'healthy family' drive the 'healthy society' and realize healthy Qujing." Li Xianxiang said.
(Source: China Youth Daily Client)