"Change of enrollment" "change of childcare"

  East China Normal University Lifetime Professor and East China Normal University ProfessionalShi Weiping, Honorary Director of the Institute of Adult Research, believes that at the moment, Shanghai's occupation has passed integrated design, implementation, and integrated management. After many years of transformation, it has optimized the layout -a total of 10 secondary schools have been reduced since 2019, and new schools have been reduced to newly built new schools and newly built new schools.Nine five -year consistent new type of higher vocational schools.In 2024, Shanghai will add 20 high -level and high -level major in China, and 8 China -based penetration majors. In five years, new vocational new vocational colleges will be increased to 10.In secondary vocational -higher vocational -applied undergraduate -professional degree master's application type talent training chain has been continuously improved.

  "The understanding of the cultivation of China -based penetration should not stay in 'not using the college entrance examination". The essence is to explore the new path of the entire process of education. This reform needs to break through the mind.In an interview, he heard the unsuccessful voice of industry experts, and he heard a few contention.

  Some opinion believes that after 10 years of practice, the "China -Benn" training mode should be removed from the "pilot" hat.With the changes in the population structure andThe system is continuously improved. From the present point of view, the number of people who participated in the entrance examination, the number of people who eventually enter the vocational school, and the number of corresponding high -level talents required by the industry are not matched.The number of enrolls in the "China -Senior Connection" can increase significantly on the basis of the original, so as not to produce the magnitude difference when tied with other main paths, obtain a scale effect and truly become one of the "types" that candidates can choose.