Shanghai universities established the Council of the Integration of Education and Education of Sino -French Engineers Education

China News Service, May 8th (Reporter Xu Jing) East China University of Technology Education Education and Education Integration Council was established in Shanghai on the 7th. More than ten related enterprises in China and France signed a memorandum of cooperation in the school.
French engineering education has a long history and enjoys a high reputation internationally.In 2019, East China University of Technology and French Chemical Engineer Alliance established the International Excellent Engineer College (hereinafter referred to as "Guo Zhuo College"), which is committed to creating an innovative innovation system with Chinese and French characteristics.Talent.In the past five years, the school has achieved certain results in cultivating engineering scientific and technological talents with international competitiveness, showing the preliminary results of the integration and innovation of the Sino -French engineering education model.
According to the content of the memorandum, the members of the council, as an important partner of Guo Zhuo College, are the main task of reserving human resources for member units, exploring the dual -track training mechanism for enterprises and colleges, and building a platform for the cultivation of practical ability to build excellent engineering talents.Member units will participate in the curriculum settings, practical teaching, and quality evaluation of Guo Zhuo College, and provide students with internship positions.Guo Zhuo College will work with member units to explore the dual -track training mechanism of enterprises and colleges, and jointly explore the best path for the integration of production and education, and enable each other in both ways to promote the innovation and development of engineering education.
Joan Valadou, the Consul General in Shanghai, who participated in the establishment ceremony, said in his speech that this year is the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and China.In the past 20 years, French top universities and engineers colleges have reached cooperation with China to actively explore new teaching paths and teaching models.EssenceThe establishment of the council will provide students with more training opportunities, and also helps enterprises to absorb engineering science and technology talents with a multicultural background and innovative spirit. They look forward to the prosperous development of China -Law Education and Education Integration Council in the future.
"Since the establishment of the East China University of Technology, since the establishment of the school, it has always adhered to 'service support and contributing to development', and strives to cultivate innovative outstanding engineering talents that support the construction of a strong country." Xuan Fuzhen, president of East China University of Technology, said that as a Chinese -French humanistic exchangeAn important part of an important part of education plays an important role in promoting the intersection of the country and the people of the people.The establishment of the council is the useful exploration of the new carrier of the integration of production and education to cultivate outstanding engineering talents. It is also a practical move to promote the integration of education chain, industrial chain, innovation chain, and talent chain.He expects all parties to rely on this to promote the effective docking of the education system and the industrial system, shape the chain -type linkage ecology, and set an example in the construction of a new pattern of international outstanding engineering talents.
Ye Linlin, deputy director of the Shanghai Education Commission, said that Shanghai is currently actively promoting the construction of a scientific and technological innovation center with global influence.France enjoys a high reputation in the field of engineer training. The success of this education model benefits from the close cooperation between schools and enterprises. I hope that both parties and enterprises will take the establishment of the Council of the China French Engineer Education and Education Integration Council as a new starting point to jointly promote engineering education innovationDevelopment has gathered Shanghai into highlands of international excellent engineering talents to promote the international development of higher education in China.
On May 7th, the establishment ceremony of the East China University of Technology Education and Education Integration Council and celebrating the 60th Anniversary International Institute of Outstanding Engineer Education Forum to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France.Figure East China University of Technology
Celebrating the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France was held on the same day.Experts and entrepreneurs from the Sino -French engineering education and industry gathered together to jointly discuss the training of innovative outstanding engineering talents and promote the innovative development of engineering education.(over)