World Gammer Day 丨 Interview with Permat: a more reasonable diet plan is unprocessed food

In many people's eyes, as long as they do not have gout, they do not need to pay too much attention to uric acid, and even many doctors tell patients.
But is this really the case?
Over the past ten years, researchers have found that high uric acid -related high uric acid is actually closely related to metabolic disorders.
Each April 20th is "World Gourmet Day" or "Following the Gout of the People".Diet, away from the infringement of the body from high uric acid and gout, and improve the quality of life.
From the increase in weight, increased blood sugar to metabolic diseases (diabetes, overweight and obesity, cardiovascular disease, and even Alzheimer's disease), uric acid is constantly causing a series of health problems.How should we know gout and how should we know uric acid?In the book "Crazy Urine", Dr. David Permat proposed a solution to control the level of uric acid -by changing his eating habits.
As a healthy dietary advocate who created "Grain Brain", the "gluten -free diet" and "ketogenic diet" proposed by Permat have aroused extensive discussion and attention, and people's diet concepts and people's diet concepts andA sense of health has a profound impact.But in the latest interview with Permat, he put forward the latest point of view of the "gluten -free diet": abandonment.Permat said that if people completely adopt this diet concept, they will greatly limit the intake of dietary fiber, and dietary fiber as a molecule of carbohydrates will be essential for our health.
With the continuous attention of healthy life, Permat once again focused on the product of metabolism -uric acid.In the past, uric acid was often described as a harmless inert metabolic "waste", and in "Crazy Urine", Permat pointed out that uric acid that has not been valued for a long time is actually the most basic metabolism in the human body.The process adjustment mechanism played a key role.If it is not controlled or managed well, it will be the culprit that causes many health problems.
David Permat, a health science popularist expert, a well -known medical doctor, a member of the American practitioner, a member of the American Society of Nutrition.He has many health science books, and many of his books have opened a health revolution that swept the global, such as gluten -free diet, sugar reduction diet, focusing on balanced intestinal flora.
Writing 丨 Beijing News reporter He Anan
The role of uric acid in human metabolism is very important
Beijing News: What causes you to create the book "Crazy Urine: Not just Gout"?
David Permat:The World Health Organization said that on our planet, the first cause of death is chronic degenerative diseases.The so -called chronic degenerative diseases mainly include diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and Alzheimer's disease. Their core causes are metabolic issues.We now know that uric acid is the core of controlling human metabolism, and it is not difficult to control the level of uric acid.This means that we have obtained a powerful tool that can help us live longer and healthier.
Beijing News: When it comes to uric acid, people often think of gout.What are the benefits of improving the perception of uric acid?
David Permat:The role of uric acid is of course far more than the risk of gout, it is also a powerful metabolic signal.For our ancestors, the rise of uric acid is actually a living mechanism -it can protect us by increasing body fat, glucose (blood sugar) and blood pressure, so that we can survive during the period of food deficiency.
When we consume foods such as fructose, the body will receive a signal that may be shortage in the future, so the emergence of uric acid is activated.The elevation of uric acid threatens the function of insulin and leads to the occurrence of diabetes.In addition, uric acid can exacerbate inflammation and pose a threat to the heart and the brain.It also directly leads to an increase in blood pressure, laying foreshadowing for the occurrence of various brain and heart disease. At the same time, uric acid can also stimulate the liver to increase the production of glucose and add fat to the liver.All these mechanisms pose a huge threat to health.
"Crazy Urine: Not just Gout", [US] David Permat, translated by Wang Jianing, Beijing Science and Technology Publishing House, October 2023.
Beijing News: Compared to blood sugar, blood pressure, etc., people do not know much about uric acid.In your opinion, what misunderstandings are in people's awareness of uric acid?We often see some "foods that cause excessive uric acid" on various health websites, such as seafood, animal offal, red meat, soybean products, etc. How should we look at customized nutrition plans or diet plans to control uric acid levels.The role of aspect?
David Permat:Generally speaking, uric acid is studied only as a factor of gout.
Now, we already know that uric acid plays a core role in regulating metabolism, so we can take more measures to control it.This plan includes a significant reduction of fructose intake -fructose is the main cause of uric acid elevated; at the same time, reducing animal products rich in purine -purine is the decomposition product of cell DNA and RNA, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish, including fish,Shellfish and animal organs and other foods.
Stills of the documentary "Sweet" (2014).
Almost everyone can significantly reduce uric acid levels by reducing fructose intake and limiting high purine foods, and adding a daily 500 mg of cichtinicin supplement to the scheme.In all our health indicators, the level of uric acid is actually an indicator that is easily improved.
Beijing News: When did you start to realize that the level of uric acid will affect our health?How does the current medical community look at the problem of excessive uric acid?
David Permat:It wasn't until 2021 that I realized the core role of uric acid in regulating metabolism for the first time.For a long time, the mainstream medical community failed to recognize the important role played by uric acid in human metabolism.All this did not change until recently.
At present, medical and health service providers have regarded uric acid as powerful tools that can help people restore metabolic health.Fortunately, there are several accurate, cheap and widely available family testing methods, so that people can easily master this important biological indicator.
I abandon the concept of "gluten -free diet"
Beijing News: In addition to medical practice and research, you are also a very high -yield writer.Many people are familiar with you. You may be through the book "Grain Brain". In this book, you deeply explore the impact of diet on the brain and health, especially the potential harm of cereals, carbohydrates and sugar on the brain and physical health.Including the book "Flock Brain", which is involved in the creation, also involves the close connection of diet and health.As ordinary people, how should we look at the relationship between eating habits and health?
David Permat:The word "doctor" actually represents "professor".I can't think of any way to teach everyone these crucial common sense than writing books.My book has been translated into 34 languages, which has spread the concepts I want to express to the world.
All the efforts I have made are to allow people to gain relevant knowledge and make better health choices -these options are mostly concentrated on food.No matter where people live, the most important thing is that their diet should control the rise of blood sugar and provide the nutrients needed for the intestinal microorganisms, so that we can maintain health.
Stills of the documentary "The Most Heavier" (2014).
Beijing News: Your "gluten -free diet (low carbohydrate)" of the low -carbon grease of low -carbon grease has affected the eating habits of many people.Choose gluten -free, preservatives, no additives, and unprocessed all -food. This concept is still insisting on nowadays.For today's people, everyone tends to seek a more natural and healthy way of diet.Do you have some new suggestions for this?
David Permat:In fact, I have completely abandoned the concept of "gluten -free diet" -if a person uses this concept completely, it will affect the intake of dietary fiber.
It should be noted that although dietary fiber belongs to carbohydrates, it is vital to our health -it is mainly achieved by increasing the diversity and functionality of the intestinal microbes.Now, I think that a more reasonable diet plan is to pay attention to those unprocessed foods, and those super -processed foods will not only increase our blood sugar, but also improve the level of uric acid in our body.
Super processed food is a key factor that leads to the sharp increase in metabolic diseases
Beijing News: So, how do you evaluate the current healthy diet trend, such as vegetarianism, ketogenic diet, Mediterranean diet, light -breaking food control sugar, etc.?How should we balance the balance between nutritional needs and health?
David Permat:Although the conceptual trends in nutrition and healthy diet are very changeable, in the end, each diet concept should be judged based on how it affects the health of blood sugar, uric acid, and intestinal microbial groups.
As long as the impact of various diet concepts on these indicators, various eating methods including vegetarianism, Mediterranean diet, croarism, ancient diet and ketogenic diet can be healthy.But there is no doubt that the popularity of super -processed foods in the world is a key factor that leads to a sharp increase in metabolic diseases.What is even more worrying is that this trend is sweeping the world.
Stills of the documentary "fork is better than surgery knives" (2011).
Beijing News: Does your work have some impact on your dietary habits?Can you share the preferences of your personal or family in your diet and the benefits you get?
David Permat:My work reveals me that food profoundly affects our health -of course, this is not a new concept!
I am very concerned about personal health. My diet choice is largely influenced by my knowledge base.
I eat two meals a day and tend to choose those nutritious and unpaid foods -I do take various nutritional supplements.I was 70 years old soon. Fortunately, my health was very good.
Someone recently asked me, if I can talk to my 20 -year -old myself, what suggestions will I give?
My answer at that time was to use more dental floss to clean your teeth, and do not let yourself be exposed too much to the sun.Although I still think that these suggestions are meaningful, I will also add a suggestion, that is, to always leave enough time for the challenges we face -usually, when we face a challenge that seems unsteady to cope, weIt only takes a while, it doesn't look so terrible.
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