The annual meeting of the 12th National Class Teacher was held: More than 1,600 educators gathered in Hengshui

On April 20, the 12th National Class Teacher Annual Meeting and Hengshui Middle School Moral Education Work Observation Conference.Chen Yuezhen Photo
On April 20, educational expert Chen Yukong made a special report at the annual meeting.Chen Yuezhen Photo
China News Service, Hebei News, April 22 (Cui Zhiping Jin Lili Huang Jian) Recently, the 12th National Class Teacher Annual Meeting and Hengshui Middle School moral education work observation meeting was held in Hebei Province, Hebei Province, from more than 1,600 education work from the countryEntering Hengshui Middle School, exchanging and discussing the new concept and strategy of the integration and development of school ideological and political education and moral education in the new situation.
On April 20, the participants observed the campus psychological drama exhibition.Chen Yuezhen Photo
On April 20, in the adult ceremony, parents added crown to their children.Chen Yuezhen Photo
The content of this event is colorful, covering the report of educational masters, the special report of school moral education, the experience report of the excellent class teacher education, the active student psychological work report, the family education report, etc. At the same timeParticipate in classes and group lessons, watch outstanding community display, teacher -student style display, and fully demonstrate the results of moral education work in education from educators from all over the country.(over)