"You 1 Week" "Health Collection" lecture four experts talk about health care

"1 Week" will hold a "Healthy Collection" health care lecture on April 13 (Saturday) at the auditorium of the Daba Kiln Newspaper Center. Four experts are invited to share with you the health care, gastrointestinal, vision, and knee health careTips.

These four speakers are: Dr. He Yuying (Yu Ying Traditional Chinese Medicine), organic nutritionist Sun Binchao (Meille International Group), senior consultant Chen Wenya (Eagle Eye Center), and Dr. Pan Jianli (Artisan Sports & Orthopaedic Clinic).They will explain the health topics that everyone cares about at the scene, including: constipation of traditional Chinese medicine conditioning; complete food and organic detoxification solutions; getting rid of the shackles of glasses, younger eyes, and the problem of knee pain in adults.

The "Health Collection" Health Health Lecture is chaired by Rokmin of UFM100.3, and the registration fee is $ 10 per person.The applicants can also get a gift package with a total value of more than $ 70 on the same day.Multi -effect care toothpaste (value $ 5.35) and OSK 3 -in -1 1 is the product of dissolved iron trial bags (value $ 0.60) and other products.

Readers who register for lectures can get a gift package with magazines, health tea, toothpaste, etc.("Excellent 1 Week" provided)

The seat is limited, and the registration is as soon as possible.

▲ "Health Collection" health care lecture