When exercising, it will bring these changes to the body. What exercise is suitable for autumn?

Life lies in exercise. Adhering to exercise can improve cardiopulmonary function, promote blood circulation of the whole body, increase the speed of metabolism, reduce cardiovascular death, cancer death, and all risk of death. In short, exercise can bring many benefits.When you start exercising, your body will change a lot, so let's take a look.

1. Energy sufficient energy

Many people think that exercise can consume energy. In fact, insisting that moderate exercise can make people full of energy, increase fighting spirit, and relieve fatigue.

2. More physical energy is released

The mitochondria in the body can put foodNeutralizationThe matter is converted into energy and then provided to muscle use.Adhering to exercise can stimulate mitochondria production in the cell, which is conducive to releasing more physical energy.

3. Improve intelligence

Studies have shown that insisting on running can increase the growth of cells related to the brain and learning.In addition, exercise can improve the activity of brain -based nerve growth factors, make brain function and inter -cell communication faster, and delay the faster of cognitive function.In addition, insisting on exercise can extend deep sleep time and improve sleep quality.

4. Affect hormones in the body

Adhering to exercise can help balance hormone levels in the body, stimulate the secretion of pleasant and hobby secretions such as endorphins and dopamine; exercise can also stimulate the brain to release serotonin. Serotin is a neurotransmitter that makes people happy, can prevent mental disorders, reduce depression in depression,Symptoms.

5. Improve muscle weight

During the exercise, muscle fibers can be torn slightly, but it can be repaired and reconstructed by the body, and then a stronger connective tissue can be generated to promote muscle growth and increase the diameter of muscle fiber.In particular, strength training increases muscle weight.

6. Relieve soreness

Because mild muscle tears occur during exercise at first, it often feels soreness, but insisting on exercise can reduce soreness.In addition, insisting on doing aerobic exercise can promote vascular production; adherence to strength training can increase the diameter of the blood vessels and reduce the level of blood pressure.

1. Jogging

The weather that is not cold or hot in autumn is a good time to jog. Adults take an hour of jogging every day to reduce the risk of early death.

2. Riding a bicycle

Relatively speaking, the pressure of the joints when riding a bicycle is relatively small, which not only consumes excess energy in the body, but also improves endurance.Especially in the process of riding up and downhill, it can exercise a certain exercise of quadriceps and gluteal muscles.

3. Play basketball

Playing basketball is a good group movement, not only allows the upper and lower limbs to get the corresponding exercise, but also improves the ability to coordinate hands and eyes.

4, rowing

Although the rowing is a leisure activity, it can exercise the abdominal muscles, pectoral muscles and back muscles. It is a good aerobic exercise, especially suitable for middle -aged and elderly people.

Kind tips

There should be a warm -up of 5 to 10 minutes before exercise to let the body's function enter the state in advance to avoid ligament strain or falling during exercise.Especially when running, the knee and ankle joints are susceptible to damage. There are early limbs of activity in advance, and you can make a simple jump in place.It is worth reminding that diabetic patients should carry sugar -containing foods before exercise. If they are fluttering, cold sweat, and weakness of the whole body during exercise, they should stop immediately.Symptoms to avoid accidents.