Trail Blazers' Lillard trade talks with Heat stalled

He heard that the Trail Blazers have not been negotiating with the Heat on a Lillard deal in the near future.

Fentress said the Blazers management is in recent talks with other teams to try to find other offers, but sources said all the current offers are not too attractive for the Blazers. Blazers management is currently not shocked by anything in the offer.

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According to a number of famous journalists previously reported that there are a number of teams in the East interested in Lillard, including the well-known Raptors. The Blazers and the Heat disagree on the asking price, with the Blazers wanting the Heat to empty out all available assets, but the Heat don't see the need.

Blazers seek better offer

Trail Blazers' Lillard trade talks with Heat stalled

The Heat have been considered the most likely team to get Lillard after he publicly requested a trade. The Heat have stars like Butler and Adebayo, as well as an abundance of draft picks to form a formidable Big Three lineup.

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However, Blazers management doesn't seem to be satisfied with the Heat's offer. They want the Heat to offer more young players and draft picks to help the Blazers rebuild.

Lillard's future still unclear

Lillard is still in Portland, and he hasn't announced whether he will accept a trade. If the Blazers can't find a satisfactory offer, they may keep Lillard on the team to continue their playoff push.

Lillard trade talks between the Blazers and Heat have stalled. The Blazers want a better offer, while the Heat believe their offer is sufficient. Lillard's future remains unclear and he may not make a decision until after training camp begins.

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