The 62nd Student Track and Field Games of the Capital University

China Education News-China Education News NetworkNews (Reporter Shi Jiansong)Recently, the 62nd Student Tracks and Field Games of the Capital High School opened at the Fourth Fourth Sports Center of Peking University.This session lasts for 4 days. 1721 athletes from 81 universities in the capital will start fiercely in 116 track and field projects. It is the largest number of participating universities and applicants since the first sports conference in 1955.

In the large -scale group gymnastics performance at the opening ceremony of the sports meeting, more than 1,000 faculty members of Peking University performed the Yanyuan Kung Fu Fan; more than 500 girls performed a gymnastics "Youth Thinking"; more than 1,000 boys performed Tai Chi.Along with the two young teachers of the Department of Physical Education and Research of Peking University, Tai Chi World Champion Chai Yunlong and the dancer Qin Lang's martial arts and dance posture, a huge national flag slowly expanded, showing the deep and thick family feelings of Beibei.This year marks the 75th anniversary of the founding of New China and the 126th anniversary of Peking University.As the huge national flag unfolds,Beijing UniversityThe well -known slogan "Revitalize China" sounded again.

The student track and field sports meeting of the Capital College is an annual comprehensive event of Beijing University Students. It is also the largest and highest level of provincial student track and field games in the country.The athletes brought together the men's long -term champion Shu Heng and the women's long -term champion Guo Sijia, including the 2024 National Track and Field Grand Prix.Batch college student star player.

It is reported that during the Games, the organizing committee also specially organized the youth group observation events of some universities, middle schools, elementary schools and kindergartens in Beijing, and explored new ways to cultivate large, middle, middle, and young and small in the way in the way.Important role.