Stimulate children's reading interest, what are the "Bao Dianbao"?The principal of Shanghai primary and secondary schools and education experts heated up in this forum

Reading in primary and secondary schools in the impression, still staying in books, borrowing books, and reading "All on yourself"?In fact, the reading of primary and secondary schools in Shanghai has long been "evolved" -providing students with professional disciplinary reading guidance, students transformed into the "talk show" bookmaker, and they made their own way ...

On April 23, the 29th World Reading Day, "Shuxiang campus lights up dream -20124 World Reading Day event"It was held in Zhixin College.

The principals, teachers and educational experts of Shanghai Municipal Primary and Secondary School gathered together to share the research and practice of reading operations, reading promotion and library discipline services, and they showed their "Book of Books".

One person's reading ability,

Determine his learning ability and growth ability

The nourishment of books to people is often silent."Reading changes our future. Reading can not only help children grow, but also promote the personal growth of teachers." The vice president of the Shanghai Education Society, Bian Songquan, delivered a speech. "I hope to share this professional forum to improve the teachers to guide their children to read books through this professional forum.Professional ability.

Chen Rong, general manager of Shanghai Xinhua Media Chain Co., Ltd., said that enterprises should consciously assume the mission of the social construction of books. "I hope to guide children to find their own reading direction and discover reading fun and value through this activity."

"Reading is the minimum threshold for children to know the world. A person's reading ability determines his learning ability and growth. High -quality promotion of reading operations is still long -term." According to Wu Fengmei, the principal of the primary school affiliated to the Second Normal School in ShanghaiStudents' music reading, good reading, reading good books, carrying out rich and diverse reading activities, creating a strong home -school reading atmosphere, and sowing the seeds of reading in the hearts of every child, teacher and parents.

According to Yin Jianling, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese Writers Association, the growth of children requires the company of literary works. Those children with sufficient stamina and strong ability to resist frustration often receive the nourishment of excellent literary works in their youth.Personality and mind.

"Not just books",

Stimulate students' reading interests, there are "magic tricks"

In fact, the reading of Shanghai primary and secondary school today has long been "not just books."Rich and diverse reading activities, focus on input, also pay attention to output, so that children's reading is more gain.

The Shanghai Natural Museum created a set of three -dimensional book "One Pianmi Museum" made by children by themselves, allowing children to make strategies by themselves to explore the knowledge of dinosaurs.According to Liu Zhe, the Minister of Science and Education Department of the Exhibition and Education Center of the Bo Dynasty, introduced that through the curatorial, the child really became the master of the museum's study. He walked into the museum with problems and learned to observe and think.

Zheng Eming, deputy secretary -general of the Professional Committee of the Library of the Shanghai Education Society, introduced that with the promotion of reading activities, the reading forms on campus have become rich and diverse, including learning reading, research reading and expanding reading."Schools should encourage teachers of various disciplines to use reading lessons to conduct extensive discipline reading, stimulate students' interest, guide students to conduct research around personal interests, and form a normal reading atmosphere in the school."

With expression drive reading, Jiading District combines the "talk show" with reading.Huang Yue, director of the Book Information Department of the School of Education of Jiading District, introduced that every year's cold and summer vacation, Jiading District will release an annual book list for the reference of primary and secondary school students in the district. Students can use the "talk show" to tell the "talk show" combined with independent reading and in -depth guides.I feel after reading.Once the activity was launched, it attracted the widespread participation of students and promoted the linkage and interaction of students, families and society.

In the experimental primary school of Baoshan District, Shanghai, there is a "Baoxiao Lector" preaching team. Students, teachers, and parents can become "scholars" here. In just ten minutes, I will tell you the reading experience and the reading experience and the reading experience and the reading experience.think.Principal Su Huaping introduced that the reading project of "Baoxiao Lecture Hall" was loved by the teachers and students of the school, and provided a platform that shared reading ideas, and trained the children's passion and spoken expression ability.

In the context of vigorously promoting the core literacy of the discipline in primary and secondary schools, how can the discipline services developed by the library support the cultivation of the core literacy of the subject?According to Zhao Jiejie, the curator of Shanghai Citizen Office Pinghe School Library, the school held a theme lectures and the theme book exhibition at the library to move project learning into the library.In addition, the school explores the smart reading platform based on the whole subject, recommends personalized book lists that cover the whole subject, and conduct reading evaluation and guidance at the same time.

Shanghai primary and secondary school books are full of campus,

Reading "Upgrade" is to be continued ...

"Teachers must be a little bit of qi, and students must be a little bit angry." In the view of Zhou Fenglin, a special academic expert in Shanghai Supervision and Shanghai Education Society, the school is the temple of reading.Cultural heritage, Shuxiang is an important support for cultural atmosphere and heritage.The school should guide students to love to read, read good books, and read well, and get inspiration in reading in reading, establish lofty ideals, and cultivate their vastness.

In recent years, Shanghai Municipal Primary and Middle School has actively promoted the construction of Shuxiang campus.Cai Yaojie, deputy director of the Basic Education Department of Shanghai Education Commission and Secretary -General of the Shanghai Education Commission Primary and Middle School Library Working Committee, said that the construction of Shuxiang Campus must continuously optimize the school's reading environment, innovate reading carrier, and integrate reading into the school's education and teaching.Looking forward to the reading of young people from all walks of life, the school social social cooperation forms a joint force to make reading a lifestyle for children.

The event is hosted by the Shanghai Education Society, and the professional committee of the Shanghai Education Society Primary and Middle School Library, the Shanghai Education Society Primary School Education Management Committee and Shanghai Xinhua Media Chain Co., Ltd.The event was chaired by Wu Xiaolei, deputy director of the Shanghai Language Association Children's Language Development Professional Committee by the famous news anchor and broadcasting of Shanghai.

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