Shenzhen and Hong Kong join hands to build the "Fashion Bay Area"

A/W 2024 Shenzhen Fashion Week officially closed on Shenzhen Happy Coast.(Photo of the organizer)
On April 21, A/W 2024 Shenzhen Fashion Week officially closed on Shenzhen Happy Coast.Under the blessing of e -commerce and content social platforms such as, Douyin E -commerce, Kuaishou, etc., during the fashion week, the online sales of "Live E -commerce Carnival" exceeded 500 million yuan, and the online venue traffic exceeded 60 million. Related topicsExposed over 200 million, the number of live viewers exceeded 77 million.
As one of the most influential fashion events in the country, this year's Shenzhen Fashion Week continues to integrate resources and strength of all parties, and work hard on the word "new".By holding a variety of activities such as theme exhibitions, business forums, and cross -border cooperation, a new platform layout and activity aggregation will be carried out to continuously enrich the core of fashion weeks.
Gorgeous lap
Show diversified fashion expression
This time, Fashion Week brings 40 highlights of various highlights.The designers are unique. Through various clothing design and production languages such as fabrics, colors, craftsmanship, and structure, they comprehensively interpret the inheritance and innovation of Chinese fashion, and the brand power and development of Shenzhen clothing.On the closing show, the Huawei PURA 70 series debuted for the first time, perfectly matched with the new season clothing with intellectual elegance, bringing a visual feast with Shenzhen characteristics, technology and fashion.
Designers continue to strengthen their personal style and enhance brand power."Positioning high -level clothing brands, the accumulation of channels, the precipitation of the product, and the precipitation of the supply chain requires more time to polish."The designer's first consideration.Patient precipitation, designing and good brands, and constantly cultivating your own competitiveness.
The brand continues to innovate design methods to expand inspiration.The brand's "heart" continues to break through the use of non -heritage ecological fabric "Xiangyun Sin".This season, the "Splendid Fragrant Cloud" series of works cooperate with the Italian design team. The above ancient totems are inspired by design, combined with handmade embroidery, and combined innovation with modern AI technology, showing a new look of incense clouds.
In this season's show, the frequent appearance of the national style and the new Chinese style is also surprising: very exquisite imagination, deeply cultivating the new Chinese style Kensun Kenxun; the root of traditional culture and art, inheriting the beauty of Chinese jackets, Wei LuoYiti Viluee; QIFEI Qifei, who tells the story of Chinese stories with feelings as a carrier and feelings as a soul ...
Mode upgrade
New digital fashion experience
In addition to the shine in the show, at this time of Fashion Week, strategic cooperation has achieved new breakthroughs.The "Bay Area Fashion Industry Research Center" jointly launched by Shenzhen Fashion Week and the joint media group (SEEC) was officially unveiled, and the Bay Area Fashion Industry Strategy Committee was also officially established.During the same period, Shenzhen Fashion Week established a strategic cooperation with the International Publishing Group of the International Publishing Group to jointly promote the international development process of Shenzhen Fashion Week.
This cooperation will attract more international excellent designers and brands to participate in fashion weeks, and work together to make Shenzhen Fashion Week as the premiere release platform for high -end fashion for China and even Asia.opportunity.
This time, Fashion Week continues the gene of "technology+fashion", grasp the core points of digitalization, and actively reach a new direction of the development of clothing commercialization.
Shenzhen Fashion Week and Douyin E -commerce jointly unveiled the cooperation between "Weaving China" and "Shenzhen Fashion"; Quick -hand e -commerce and Shenzhen Fashion Week reached strategic cooperation to create Shenzhen Fashion Week online cloud show, through short video+live broadcast, Shenzhen Fashion Week official number+master+user, special page+topic page and other rich gameplay, as well as searching Banner, hot list and other resources, not only helping Shenzhen's fashion weekly sound quantity out of circulation and expanding brand influence.
Jingdong Clothing and Shenzhen Fashion Week started strategic cooperation, launched the A/W 2024 Shenzhen Fashion Week online venue, and united the well -known local brands such as Shenzhen, Marisfrolg Martfir, to bring consumers to "buy while buying" to consumers.An immersive penetration experience.At the same time, Jingdong Clothing will jointly open up the fashion industry chain with Shenzhen Fashion Week, providing a display platform for Chinese brands to the world, and empower the fashion industry chain, brand business and designer from multiple levels.
Outside the show, the fashion series forums gather experts from all parties in the industry industry to discuss the high -quality development of the fashion industry in multi -dimensional."New Opportunities for Future Development of the Bay Area Fashion Industry" explores the globalization of the fashion industry; "Digital Fashion and Platform Economic Forum" focuses on digital transformation and new business models of the fashion industry;Economic cross -border cooperation and industrial innovation.
Collaborative fusion
Deepen cooperation in Shenzhen -Hong Kong Fashion Industry
As an important fashion industry "First Show" release platform and the Bay Area Fashion Congress, this time Fashion Week actively promotes the integration of the Shenzhen -Hong Kong fashion industry, promotes all parties in the fields of talent training, industrial development, and business interconnection.Create the "Fashion Bay Area".
At this time of Fashion Week, the "Youth Mao Weaving Designer Contest" walked out of Hong Kong for the first time. Nine groups of finalists were stunning shows. Young designers from other cities in Hong Kong and Bay Area actively showed the diversified fashion and internationalization of the Bay AreaFeatures, the design language highlights the innovative vitality and endless potential of the Bay Area.
The relevant person in charge of the Fashion Week Organizing Committee said that in the future, the fashion industry in Shenzhen and Hong Kong will strengthen exchanges and deepen cooperation in the training, employment, technological innovation, and commercial fusion of young designers.To activate consumer potential and continue to contribute to the fashion forces belonging to Shenzhen.(Chief reporter Liu Qiong)