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"Keep your mouth and open your legs", reducing fat is "seven -point diet, three -pointer exercise".
Some time ago, the article "Scientific weight loss, starting from" holding the mouth "| Popular science time" introduced you in detail the "how to eat reasonably for the weight -loss person".Below, we will introduce "how to scientific movement of fat -reducing people".
What suits you is the best
It is recommended to formulate a reasonable exercise plan under the guidance of a doctor and insist on exercise.
Overweight or obese should choose the right exercise method. It should be reasonably reduced within the range that the body can withstand, and exercise damage should be avoided.Aerobic exercise, such as jogging, swimming, etc. are a good choice.At the beginning of exercise, it should be based on medium intensity to ensure graduation step by step, so as not to increase the risk of exercise damage.
When exercising usually, exercise 3 times a week for 30 minutes each time.Since then, the number of exercises per week is gradually increased to 5 times according to personal exercise capabilities and other situations, 30 to 60 minutes each time, that is, to reach or exceed the 150 -minute medium -intensity aerobic exercise recommended by the World Health Organization.
In addition, it is essential to carry out anti -resistance training. For example, it can enhance muscle strength and improve metabolic levels such as dumbbells and barbells.It is recommended to conduct 2 to 3 resistance training every week. The number of exercise groups is 2 to 4 groups each time. Each group can be maintained at 8-15 times according to personal sports capabilities.
Different people exercise different exercise methods
For people of different ages, the choice of fat -reducing exercise should also consider personal factors to avoid exercise damage.
1 obese children
The method of fat reduction should be based on games and fun movements. The goal is to increase physical activity and ensure that children feel fun in exercise.Sports games and dance are good choices. Parents can accompany their children to participate in outdoor activities.
2 obese teenagers
You can choose a variety of ball movements, which are strong and social attributes.At the same time, it is supplemented with aerobic exercise of cardiopulmonary endurance, as well as bare -handed training, etc., so that children can obtain higher cardiopulmonary endurance level and stronger muscle state during the development of youth.
3 obese middle -aged
Considering the limited daily exercise time, you can choose short intermittent training with short duration and high strength, in order to gain greater health benefits in a short period of time.Of course, yoga and eight -stage brocade can also alleviate the fatigue of the plant nervous system, and improve back pain caused by sedentary.
4 Obesity Elderly
Exercise should not only be to reduce fat, but also include maintaining muscle strength, physical flexibility and balance ability to prevent the occurrence of falling.Therefore, you can choose exercise methods with low intensity and mild exercise load, such as walking and playing Tai Chi.
Scientific fat reduction must not only achieve the purpose of weight loss, but also achieve the benefits of enhancing physical fitness, promoting health, and preventing and controlling chronic diseases through exercise.
I hope that readers can achieve fat reduction through scientific movements and harvest a vibrant future!