Rich Paul Slams Critics Who Blame LeBron James

Klutch Sports Group Founder Rich Paul Slams Critics Who Blame LeBron James

Klutch Sports Group founder Rich Paul has become one of the top sports agents in the world in recent years. Paul is best known as the agent and confidant of Los Angeles Lakers superstar forward LeBron James. Paul's portfolio extends far beyond James, however, as he has amassed more than $4 billion for his clients in contract negotiations.

Of course, with so much power, Paul has amassed more and more haters over the years, with some accusing him of undermining player loyalty. However, Paul believes that player loyalty is an outdated concept and that players should have the freedom to decide their own future.

In a recent "60 Minutes" interview with Bill Whitaker on the CBS News Channel, Paul was asked about his views on him undermining player loyalty. Paul has long empowered his clients to make the best financial and basketball decisions for themselves, even if it means constantly changing teams.

Rich Paul Slams Critics Who Blame LeBron James

That includes helping James move from Miami to Cleveland and back again, which provided James with more than $400 million in revenue. However, Paul sees no reason for players to be loyal to teams that are willing to trade them once they fail to meet expectations:

"What are players loyal to? Paul asked." If I can be traded to another team in the middle of the night, what I should be doing is educating myself on the fact that if things don't go the way I thought they would, I can move." Get up, right? We're not restricted."

Paul also said that athletes with money and fame should be able to choose which team they fit on:

"What does it mean to have money but no choice?" Paul asked.

Many agree with Paul that players should have the same power as team owners and management. However, there will always be a portion of NBA fans who would like to see star players stay with one team for their entire careers. Regardless of the fans' opinions, however, Paul's clients can appreciate the benefits of having an agent who clearly serves their best interests.

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