Promote the spiritual forging of the educator

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The national general is happy, and the noble teacher will focus on Fu.On the eve of Teacher's Day in 2023, General Secretary Xi Jinping wrote to the representatives of outstanding teachers in the country. From six aspects of ideals and beliefs, moral sentiments, educating wisdom, attitude of cultivation, benevolence, and pursuing the pursuit of loveThe spirit encourages teachers across the country to "take the example of educators as an example, vigorously promote the spirit of educators, and keep in mind the original mission of being a party to educate and educate the talents."General Secretary Xi Jinping's important discussion is planted in the traditional Chinese traditional teacher's cultural fertile soil. It contains the clear connotation and cultural characteristics of the times.The guide to the action, providing the direction of the progress of the teachers who support the support of the education power and provided a fundamental follow.We must deeply grasp the core essence and conscientiously implement it in the construction of the teacher team.

Forging "Ming Dao Channel" master of soul -casting soul

"Teacher, so preaching to teach confusion." As a teacher, preaching first must first understand and channel.The "Tao" of teachers in the new era and the "Tao" of Yingxin must be Marxist beliefs, the common ideals of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and the great ideal of communism, and the core values of socialism. This is also the "great virtue that General Secretary Xi Jinping repeatedly mentioned"" ".General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly emphasized that it is necessary to adhere to educators to be educated first, and strive to become a communicationman of advanced ideology and culture, a firm supporter of the party ruling, and better assume the responsibility of students' healthy growth instructors and leaders.As a "preacher", teachers can use their ideals to ignite the ideals of students with their ideals and to lead their beliefs with their own ideals.Xi Jinping's thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era are contemporary Chinese Marxism and Marxism in the 21st century. It is a guide to the people of the whole party and the whole country to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.Tianjin is a comprehensive reform pilot zone of the "Da Si Political Class" construction of the country. It is necessary to guide the majority of teachers to be "the big of the country", take the service party, the country, and the people as the highest pursuit, and persistently use Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideas with Chinese characteristics in the new era.The soul -casting people, inherited Mr. Zhang Boling's "Patriotic Three Questions" generation, and built the foundation of a strong country with a high sense of social responsibility and a deep patriotic sentiment.

Forging for the exemplary division of "Lide Bowing"

Teacher, model of man, one day as a teacher, a model for a lifetime.General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "Teachers must become a mirror for students to be human, lead by example, take the lead, and win students' admiration with noble personality charm.There are very few occupations as strict requirements like teachers, and few groups can have a profound impact on students' thoughts and behaviors like teachers.A large number of educators such as Zhang Boling, Yan Fan Sun, Zhao Tianlin, and Zhang Boli emerged in Tianjin.They are not only the spreaders of knowledge, but also the spiritual influencers, personality influencers and moral practitioners.Tianjin must adhere to the first standard of teacher morality and style, start with details, implement the efforts, grasp the key tasks of building the moral and moral style construction, establish the main foundation of teachers and morals, and constantly stabilize the moral morality styleContinue to a good situation.Improve the teachers' honor system, continue to carry out the "Jinmen Teachers and Detective Lectures" activities, tell the story of educators to teach and educate people, tell the moving traces of teachers around the example, inspire teachers to see the wisdom, and care with the heart, true feelings, and sincerity.Students use knowledge, knowledge, and knowledge to illuminate the students' minds, and to buckle the "first buckle" for students, showing the power of example.

Forge a teacher of innovation of "good karma"

"Qi Zhi Run Heart and Education for HP" is the essential requirement of the spirit of educators.General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "Solid knowledge, excellent teaching ability, diligent teaching attitude, and scientific teaching methods are the basic quality of the teacher, and the knowledge is the fundamental foundation." Teachers are always in the state of learning and standing at the forefront of knowledge development., Le Sihan, study hard, continuously enrich, expand, and improve yourself, so that you can be worthy of the title of teacher.In the new era, Tianjin should take the goal of improving the wisdom of teachers to educate people, overall improvement of the level of running schools in teachers, supporting high -level comprehensive universities to carry out teachers' education, and in -depth implementation of the "Future Education Action Plan", "Jinmen Sanjie", "Excellent Teacher TeacherThe "plan" and other series of training training programs, promote the organic integration of digital technology and education and teaching, and promote lifelong learning and professional development of teachers.It is necessary to deepen the reform and evaluation reform of teachers, implement in -depth teaching results cultivation projects, guide the majority of teachers to be a practitioner with research ability, deeply cultivate teaching materials, deeply cultivate classrooms, actively explore the teaching concepts and methods, and actively learn from all the excellent civilized results created by human beings., "Mr. Big" who is unified in theory and practice.

Forging "vibrant" strong country teacher

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "The competition in the world today is a talent competition and education competition. We must pay more attention to the cultivation of talents, and pay more attention to the cultivation of scientific spirit, innovation ability, and critical thinking." At present and in the future, Tianjin wantsCarefully study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's inspection of the important speech of Tianjin, practice the important requirements of "four good achievements", and transform the attention and attention of the Party Central Committee into a pragmatic measure to accelerate the construction of the teachers.It is necessary to strengthen the role of higher education leaders, in -depth implementation of the actions of talents in science and education, and deepen the comprehensive reform of educational science and technology talents, build national strategic scientific and technological power, support the growth of young teachers, guide college teachers to write the paper on the land of Jingu, do feelings, "Mr. Big" with a pattern, ability, and contribution.It is necessary to promote the reform of the construction of a modern vocational education system, establish an integrated training system for the "master of craftsmen", improve the school -enterprise "co -employment and co -education", "amphibious" to attract human mechanisms, cultivate the skills of skills inheritance, and promote the skills of inheritance.Teachers take the initiative to become the leader and demonstrator of the spirit of craftsmanship.It is necessary to consolidate the basic education base points, adapt to changes in the school -age population, stabilize the comprehensive reform of teachers in primary and secondary schools, comprehensive jobs, and post -job reforms, optimize teacher resource allocation and team structure, ensure teachers' treatment in accordance with the law, effectively reduce the burden of teachers, provide good in the cultivation of the spirit of the educator spirit.The environment creates room for development for educators.