One kind of exercise can also be done at 90 years old, and the calories consumption is 2.5 times more than the health.

Although exercise is good for health and helps to lose weight, many people are also difficult to stick to it. They often hang the reasons such as no time, no equipment.Some doctors recommend 1 exercise, and even 90 -year -old elders can do it. Not only can it help improve the three highs, pain and visceral fat, but also consume 2.5 times more calories than walking to make fat loss more efficient.

1 kind of exercise can be done at 90 years old

1 exercise effectively reduces three high/internal dirty fat/improved pain

The family medical doctor Wei Shiwan shared the sports experience on his Facebook page.He pointed out that many people will take their busyness, no time to prepare clothing or find a venue as an excuse for not sports, including himself.In the past, he would only exercise in a relatively busy time, so he could not develop habits.

Later, he tried a sport that allowed him to easily establish the habit of exercise every day, and even greatly improved his spirit at work.He said that there is not much restriction on this kind of exercise, and novices can easily grasp it, and there are 4 great benefits.

This sport is "super jogging"!Dr. Wei said that he has maintained the habit of super jogging for a while.Before going to work every day, follow the film of the coach on YouTube for 30 minutes.

There are 4 great benefits of ultra -jogging

1. There is no equipment assistant, nor is it restricted by the environment. You can run outdoors or watch TV while running.

2. The speed of running is similar to the speed of walking, but the experiment found that at the same speed, the energy consumption of ultra -slow running is 2.5 times more than healthy.

3. The heart rate at the time of ultra -jog is about 60 to 80%of the maximum heart rate. The heart rate interval close to Zone2 training is the motion intensity that can stimulate mitochondrial function, improve the efficiency of aerobic systems, and lactic acid removal efficiency.Metabolism.

4. Help athletes perform more lasting under high -intensity exercise.

Can I run at the age of 90?6 types of people are most suitable for super jogging?

Dr. Weishhang said that "super jogging" has almost no age restrictions. Basically, he can get started from 3 to 93 years old. He is a good exercise entry choice. He often recommends it to patients without exercise habits and need to lose weight.

1. Want to increase weight loss effect

2. Want to improve the problem of too little muscle mass

3. Want to improve hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, hypertension, and visceral fat

4. It is easy to be muscle sore and cannot cure

5. Running beginners or novice sports habits that lack sports habits

6. elderly

Patients with heart disease diabetes should consult a doctor before exercise

Who are not suitable for super jogging?Dr. Wei pointed out that although this is a low -intensity exercise and is generally suitable for all ages, people with the following health problems should consult the doctor's opinion before exercise:

Who is not suitable for super jogging?

InCardiovascular diseases

InPatients with metabolic diseases such as diabetes and kidney disease

If the condition is not controlled and there is usually no exercise habits, please consult professional medical advice first.

If the above patients have exercise habits, they have symptoms such as chest tightness and chest pain, dizziness, palpitations, heart murmur, breathing difficulties, lower limb edema, etc. exercise should also be evaluated by the doctor first.

Other people who are not suitable for super jogging include::

InPatients with stomach acid inversion

InPatients with fasciitis

InOsteoarthritis acute seizures

Dr. Wei reminded that patients with cardiovascular disease and metabolic diseases such as diabetes and nephropathy, if the disease is not controlled, and usually does not have any exercise habits, they should be evaluated by the doctor before performing various exercise, including super jogging.Even if the above patients usually have exercise habits, they have symptoms such as chest tightness, chest pain, dizziness, palpitations, heart murmur, breathing difficulties, and lower limb edema.In addition, those who have stomach acid pouring problems, or the acute seizures of fasciitis, osteoarthritis, and those who have symptoms of redness and pain and pain in the symptoms of redness and pain.

Super jogging 6 major precautions running correctly helps enhance the effect

Dr. Wei reminded that when performing super jogging, he should maintain a natural and comfortable running posture, and pay attention to the 6 principles:

1. Small steps but high steps.

2. Keep the principles of not sour, painful, not hardened and not breathing.

3. Easy to look ahead when running.

4. The forefoot is on the ground first, and the heels will land on the ground. Do not run with your feet or tiptoe.

5. When running, the knee is slightly bent to maintain elasticity and avoid too much pressure on the knee.

6. Maintain the "lightweight landing" principle of small steps.

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