Mudanjiang Ning'an: The ecological environment is good birds come

People's Daily Online, Harbin, March 21st. In the early spring of the spring, as the weather gradually warmed, the river was melted with ice and snow. In the turbulence village of Ning'an City, Mudanjiang, tens of thousands of migrants were hovering in the air.The "one" of "one" is sometimes spectacular, and the melodious geese are came from time to time.This has become a lot of tourists and photographers watching photos.

"In recent years, the number and types of geese have been increasing. The villagers are very excited to see this scene. They spontaneously organize the geese to protect the geese, take turns on duty class on the river bank, clean up the riverside garbage and remind tourists from the river.The habitat environment, I hope that more and more geese will stay in the turbulent village. "Sun Jinfu, the village branch, said," Last year, it reached nearly 100,000, and this year should be more. They stay here for about half a month.Continue to migrate north after adding energy. "

"We drove from Mudanjiang. We saw tens of thousands of geese flying in the air with the sunset. It's so beautiful! This trip is not false." Ms. Wang said.

The Mudanjiang River near Ning'an City turbulent village is wide. It is surrounded by 50,000 mu of the main producing area of the rice. The clear river water, the quiet Jiangxin Island, and the wide rice fields have become the ideal habitat of migratory birds.Migrating birds are mainly bean geese, as well as more than a dozen types of white geese, gray geese, Hongyan, green head duck, spotted duck, ordinary autumn sand duck.Yanqun sometimes foraged in the sky in the sky, sometimes walking on the ice, showing a harmonious ecological beauty.

According to Ma Hongzhi, deputy director of the National Nature Reserve Management Bureau of Heilongjiang Xiaobei Lake, migratory birds have very high requirements for survival of water quality and environment. Where the environment is good, wherever you choose to inhabit.In recent years, the number and quantity of the return of migratory birds in Ning'an area have increased year by year, which fully reflects the good results achieved by Ning'an's ecological environmental governance.

"We have implemented the orderly management of the river and lakes in the Mudan River Basin through the implementation of the long -term mechanism of the long -term mechanism of the long -acting mechanism of the long -term system of river and lakes, and continuously strengthen the protection of the ecological environment and wild animals.Liu Yuelin, deputy director of the An City Water Affairs Bureau, introduced.

Changkong geese barked, Wan Yu was sloppy.In addition to tens of thousands of migratory birds gathered in the riverside of Bohai Town, Ning'an City, in Jiangxin Island and Datang Village, Xiaozhujia Village, Xiaozhujia Village, Bohai Town, Ning'an City, a considerable number of wild ducks and wild ducks and鸯 鸯 鸯 鸯 鸯.

"Over the years, Ning'an City has always carried out the battle for the blue sky, blue water, and pure land, and made every effort to fight against pollution prevention and continuously improving the ecological environment. In 2023The water quality standard rate of drinking water source is 100%. "Fu Aimin, director of the Ning'an Ecological and Environment Bureau, said.(Liu Ting, Yang Tingjuan, Zhang Benjun)