Kyrie Irving Requests Trade Again, Cites Need for Peace of Mind

Kyrie Irving, star of the Dallas Mavericks, has once again requested a trade. In an interview with local media in New York, Irving said that he has no regrets about his decision and that asking for a trade was "the best decision of my career."

Irving also said that the problems between himself and the Nets were overblown. "I've never had a bad relationship with the Nets," he said. "I just think there's a lot of confusion and noise from the media. Nobody really knows what's going on behind the scenes."

Irving missed a significant portion of the 2020-21 season for "personal reasons," and last season, he was suspended by the Nets for promoting an anti-Semitic movie on social media. After these incidents, the Nets were unwilling to extend Irving's contract for four more years, and the two sides ultimately split due to money issues.

Kyrie Irving Requests Trade Again, Cites Need for Peace of Mind

Since arriving in Dallas, Irving has kept his personal life out of the spotlight and has focused on learning how to play next to Luka Doncic and win games. The Nets, meanwhile, have begun rebuilding with an interesting but incomplete roster. It remains to be seen what the Nets will look like in a few years.

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