Jimmy White on Mark Selby's Unusual Concession vs. Martin O'Donnell

Mark Selby experienced an unexpected loss to Martin O'Donnell at the English Open, following a challenging few days for the four-time world champion. Selby narrowly fell to Mark Williams in the British Open final in Cheltenham late on Sunday night, and shortly thereafter, he had to make the journey to Brentwood in Essex to compete in the English Open.

Jimmy White admitted his shock at Mark Selby's behaviour during his shock loss to Martin O’Donnell at the English Open.
Selby arrived at the Brentwood Centre on the back of an agonising loss to Mark Williams in the final of the British Open a couple of days earlier.
Due to his exertions at the British Open, Selby’s opening match that was scheduled for Monday was shifted 24 hours later.

He claimed victory over Zihao Xing, but had to back that match up later in the day against O’Donnell.
The well ran dry, as O’Donnell claimed a 4-2 win against a player who appeared fatigued.
To rub salt into open wounds, Selby set himself up for a fine as he conceded the match when it was still mathematically possible for him to win.

After missing a blue and leaving O’Donnell on the yellow, knowing he needed only that and the green to get over the line, Selby offered his hand to his opponent.

The English Open is in the middle of a busy stretch, with the players heading to China for the Wuhan Open next week.
Asked by Eurosport’s Rachel Casey if Selby had cracked, White said: “Yeah.

Jimmy White on Mark Selby's Unusual Concession vs. Martin O'Donnell

“You never see Mark Selby do something like that. He will be fined for conceding while he could still win the frame.

“It’s probably a bit of the hangover of losing to Mark Williams a couple of days earlier. That’s snooker, and it’s part of the job.”

Alan McManus commented, "It was unusual behavior for him. He seemed fatigued during the match, even sitting with his eyes closed between frames. This is not typical of him, so he must have been extremely exhausted. He simply ran out of energy."

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