Jiang Hua: Carry out free medical examinations for the elderly

Huasheng Online News (Correspondent: Jiang Yun) In order to actively improve the quality of basic public health services in the country, further strengthen the self -management awareness of the elderly, and effectively achieve early discovery, early diagnosis, and early treatment of sickness.65 years old and over the elderly for the elderly for free medical examinations.

Extensive publicity policies and increase residents' awareness rate

Through the community work WeChat group "Lianxin Bridge", the owner of the community, WeChat group, and the circle of friends, the new media forwarded the medical examination notice, the village activity center was free of charge of public welfare, family doctors publicized one -on -one publicity, village doctors visited missionaryWait, inform the elderly in detail the free medical examination time, place, precautions and other contents of the elderly, which effectively increases residents' awareness rate and has won the support of the elderly.

In order to carry out inspections, improve the standardized management rate

In order to simplify the medical examination process, at the medical examination site, the medical staff set up a guide desk to establish a health file for free for elderly residents, and inquire about the basic information such as physical conditions, past medical history, and living habits.Answer to health related questions.

"Really care about our elderly people, free medical examinations, and so many inspection items. The national policy is really good!" The old people who came to the medical examination thumbs up and praised.

Serving the people enthusiastically and enhancing resident satisfaction

With age, the immunity and resistance of the elderly have decreased year by year.Medical staff patiently and enthusiastic, enthusiastic and thoughtfully conduct free medical examination services for each elderly person, including physical examination, blood routine, urine routine, liver and kidney function, electrocardiogram, Chinese medicine physical identification and other projects to evaluate lifestyle, daily habits and health status.Popularize health knowledge such as reasonable diet, safe medication, and moderate exercise, so that the elderly can enjoy high -quality health services.

After the physical examination is completed, patients with different townships and townships are incorporated into patients with primary hypertension and type 2 diabetes.The elderly are advised to review regularly or refer it to superior medical institutions.At the same time, the medical examination reports in the villages of the villages and villages in various villages inform me or their family members' health examination results, and conducted targeted health guidance such as healthy lifestyle, vaccination, osteoporosis prevention, and anti -decline measures.