Inclusive Finance Promotion Month 丨 Shongzhou Bank Shanghai Branch "Inclusive Finance Promotion Month" activity initial results results

The Shanghai Branch of the Bank of China actively conducts thousands of enterprises and 10,000 household visits and the monthly promotion month activities of inclusive finance. We weekly planning plans and actively visiting the economic entities.With the gradual deepening of visiting activities, the reasonable needs of customers' reasonable needs have been resolved by the pain points of long -term trouble in corporate operations, and the Shanghai Branch also improved its comprehensive service capabilities in this event.

On March 20, the Shanghai Zhangjiang Sub -branch of the Bank of China successfully landed on the first intellectual property pledge loan in the Shanghai Branch, marking the successful development of the branch of the branch.The enterprise for this service is Shanghai ** Technology Co., Ltd., which focuses on smart management at the site of urban underground assets. The independent AR intelligent pipeline network management system is the first in China.Whitespace.After fully investigating the company's profitability, operating capacity, patent right certificate, and actual controller after fully investigating the company's profitability, operating capacity, patent right certificate, and actual controller, they went to the Shanghai Office of the National Patent Office to communicate and dock on the current patent pledge policies to ensure patent pledgeThe loan is smoothly handled.In the end, the entire business was successfully landed under the linkage and cooperation of Zhangjiang Branch, the branch business management department and the credit approval department of the Credit and Approval Department.

For long -term pain points for long -term trouble in cross -border remittance operations, expensive costs, and slow timeliness.Chongzhou Bank's innovative ideas and measures have launched cloud flash payment cross -border study abroad remittance trading business.The business supports remittances to 39 countries and regions around the world, and it is convenient to operate at the same time.Once the business was launched, it was immediately welcomed by the majority of overseas students.On the 22nd, Shanghai Bank Shanghai Fengxian Sub -branch handled the first cloud flash payment cross -border study abroad remittance trading business.During the handling process, the customer manager actively recommends a service solution for customers to assist customers in preparing information and guide operations. At the same time, the International Business Department of the Branch also actively cooperates online.Under the cooperation of various departments, the first cloud flash payment cross -border remittance remittance was successfully remitted to the customer's US account within 48 hours, which was highly evaluated.

This time, the Shanghai Branch has achieved new breakthroughs in various (quality) guarantee methods, improving the comprehensive service capabilities of small, medium and micro enterprises.In the future, it will also be more actively promoting the payment business of cross -border study abroad remittances to help more customers solve the problem of remittances.In the next step, the Shanghai Branch will implement the requirements of the Supervision Bureau instructions, continue to promote the "Inclusive Financial Promotion Month" activity, continuously improve the service concept, innovate service methods, respond to customer needs in a timely manner, and launch new products in a timely manner, and effectively enhance employee service levels, to be for employee service level, to be for employee service level, to be the level of employee service.The majority of customers solve the problem of urgency and sorrow, and continuously improve the competitiveness of the Bank of China Bank in the industry.

Pratt & Plazy Financial Services, Shanghai Bank Shanghai Branch has been on the road.

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