In the past, gymnastic veterans are now parkour newcomers

On May 12, local time, Chinese player Shang Chunsong (middle) won the 2024 Parkour World Cup Montpellier Station Women's Freedom Championship in France.Interviewee confession
On May 12, local time, in the 2024 Parkour World Cup (Montpellier Station) in Montpellier, France, Chinese player Shang Chunsong won the women's freedom champion. This was won by the Chinese Parkour teamThe first World Cup gold medal.When the news was returned to China, many gymnastics fans were asking. This Shang Chunsong was the captain of the Chinese women's gymnastics team and had the name of his name -Shang Chunsong jumped, and at the 2016 Rio OlympicsDo Shang Chunsong, who won the bronze medal of gymnastics girl group with his teammates?
Yes, it is her.
Since being devoted to the parkour in March 2022, the gymnastic captain Shang Chunsong had successfully cross -border, becoming a milestone in the history of Chinese parkour sports.
Recently, Shang Chunsong, who has returned to China, accepted a telephone interview with a reporter from China Youth Daily · of this experience of winning the Parkour World Cup in France, Shang Chunsong still couldn't restrain excitement, but she also humblely said that she was still a newcomer.
It was only two years in parkour training. Shang Chunsong said that before going to France to participate in the competition, he never thought that he could win the World Cup.But after the preliminaries, after Shang Chunsong had a general understanding of the strength of the main opponent, she had a longing for winning the championship.Shang Chunsong said that at that time, he decided to use the trick that he had practiced only once so far -a highly difficult air flip action.She predicts that once this trick is successfully completed, the champion should be herself.As a veteran who once played in the gymnastics international competition, Shang Chunsong's experience was absolutely rich. She clearly knew that at a critical moment of impacting the champion, she had to have the courage to let go.
After Shang Chunsong successfully completed this difficult action, the audience was boiling, and people cheered for this bold Chinese girl.In the end, Shang Chunsong won the gold medal of this women's freedom project. This is an epoch -making achievement in the history of Chinese parkour sports.
The World Cup won the championship, allowing Shang Chunsong to double the confidence in the World Games in Chengdu in the Cool World Championships and next year.And Parkour, as a trendy movement that is currently sought after by young people around the world, will also have the opportunity to enter the Olympic Games in the future.Speaking of which, Shang Chunsong also laughed. "If there is a chance, I may also become a veteran who is not limited by age and has been pursuing a competitive dream like Chosovica."
28 -year -old Shang Chunsong is still a young man, but it is indeed an out -of -the -box veteran on the competitive stage.This Parkour project, the age of participating in the crowd is younger.Shang Chunsong smiled and said that this time in France, some players were one round than themselves.
But in Shang Chunsong's view, age is not a problem. What is important is a young heart. She likes the nickname "Non -Lao Song" given to her by the audience.Compared to Chusovica's "old age" at the age of 50, she is still enjoying the gymnastics movement. Shang Chunsong believes that she still has a long sports life.
Shang Chunsong, who used to be a Chinese women's gymnastics, unfortunately failed to win the world champion and Olympic champion in the gymnastics field, but she was only revealed in the parkour field, and the future was unlimited.Shang Chunsong said that she had never thought of using a parkour to make up for the regrets of gymnastics. After all, it is impossible to make up for each other's regrets in other ways.However, people should look forward, she can indeed save more expectations for her parkour road.
Shang Chunsong embarked on the path of parkour, both accidental and inevitable.
More than ten years ago, when Shang Chunsong was a small member of the Chinese gymnastics team, she saw parkour in the video program. At that time, she felt that the sport was so handsome and so cool.Shang Chunsong recalled, "Of course, at that time, he never thought he would play parkour in the future."
Until 2021, Shang Chunsong officially retired on behalf of the Hubei Gymnastics Team to participate in the National Games of the year.Occasionally, she learned that a retired gymnast was learning parkour in Wuhan, which awakened the memories of the parkour long ago in Shang Chunsong's heart.
In March 2022, Shang Chunsong officially started parkour training in a parkour club in Wuhan.Shang Chunsong introduced that there are two types of flights, one is a racing type, and the other is freedom.The racing type is the form of athletes that usually impress the athletes in urban walking and crossing various obstacles.Freedom type is a parkour form for athletes to challenge various difficult air overheads and rotation movements.Shang Chunsong practiced freestyle flight.
Shang Chunsong said that the foundation of gymnastics can indeed help themselves to train free parkour, but there is also a major disadvantage that gymnasts are used to doing actions on gymnastics pads, and parkour is exercise on hard roads.When participating in parkour training, gymnasts are more likely to have fear than people without gymnastics, because they are accustomed to the cushions under their feet, and they dare not turn on air over the hard ground.
It takes a while to overcome psychological fear, but soon the Shang Chunsong found the feeling of freedom in the parkour sports. She was immersed and enjoyed, and finally knew that the parkour was so attractive.
After half a year of practice parkour, Shang Chunsong began a period of time for gymnastics and flights.She recalled that at the time, she was in the Chengdu Grand Games of 2023 in the selection of gymnastics athletes. She also wanted to participate in the Chengdu Grand Games, so she resumed gymnastics training, but she was not selected in the end.It was also during that time, Shang Chunsong began to formulate his future parkour competition plan.As a athlete, participating in the competition has always been a dream. Shang Chunsong learned that from 2024 to 2025, the parkour will have a series of competitions such as the World Cup, World Championships, and World Games. She thinks she can try it.
Today, Shang Chunsong won the championship for the first time in the parkour international competition, which gave her great confidence.Shang Chunsong looked forward to creating a new history for Chinese parkour at the World Games at the World Championships and the World Games at the door of the house.
More importantly, in the context of the Olympic Games that are open to the door that young people's favorite sports projects, Parkour is likely to become an Olympic competition.Shang Chunsong said that if the parkour enters the 2028 Los Angeles Olympic Games, she will definitely insist at that time.She said that she not only wanted herself, but also hoped that more people could bravely chase their dreams and do not set up limits for life.
Our newspaper, Beijing, May 20th
China Youth Daily · reporter Cixin Source: China Youth Daily
(Source: China Youth Daily)