Ho Chi Minh City's tourism industry strives to shape the brand in the international market

Ho Chi Minh City, Yuetong News Agency -Ho Chi Minh City is one of Vietnamese tourism centers and is the first choice for many domestic tourists and relatives and friends for travel and vacation.frominternational marketLooking at, this is a huge tourist market, and it has been among the best in the world tourism ranking.

recent,Ho Chi Minh CityThe 1024 reader selection award (voted by readers) in the 2024 reader's 10 best cities held in the famous tourist magazine "Destinasian" ranked 10th.In addition, 5 hotels in Ho Chi Minh City are also among the 10 best hotels in "Destinasian".

In early March, Ho Chi Minh City won the World Congress Travel Award as Asia's leading tourist destination.This is also the fourth consecutive year in Ho Chi Minh City.

It can be seen that Ho Chi Minh City is working hard to improve the quality of tourism services and carry out a series of activities that attract tourists, and are positioning its tourism brands in the domestic and foreign markets.

In 2024, the goal of Ho Chi Minh City was to receive at least 6 million international tourists and 38 million domestic tourists, and achieved tourism revenue at least 19.0 trillion in Vietnam (equivalent to 58.191 billion yuan).