Hangzhou promotes the development of education, and 70 new schools are expected to be completed in advance to welcome a new degree in 60,000 degrees


[Hangzhou promotes the development of education, 70 new schools are expected to be completed in advance to welcome 60,000 new degrees] In order to improve the education level, the Hangzhou Municipal Government will make new schools as important livelihoods for the fifth consecutive year. This year, 70 primary and secondary schools and kindergartens will be added.Provide 60,000 degrees.Relevant new campus has been settled and is expected to be completed early to meet increasing the needs of academic age.In addition, Hangzhou also pays attention to the introduction of the resources of prestigious schools and the balanced layout of high -quality high schools, showing the concept of priority development of education.


Hangzhou is actively promoting the development of educational infrastructure. This year, it plans to build 70 primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, which will provide extra 60,000 degrees for school -age children.As usual, the Hangzhou Education Bureau included this plan into the Municipal Government's people's livelihood project, which is also the fifth consecutive year of Hangzhou to take new schools as a key issue.At present, the progress of various new campus projects has been progressing smoothly, and the main structure construction has been completed. It is expected that it will be completed before the original plan to bring good news to parents and children.

The location of the new school considers areas with a high population and a higher proportion of young families, such as the Canal New Town in Gongshu District and Qianjiang Century City in Xiaoshan District.There are many new houses in these places. According to the principle of "four synchronization", that is, simultaneously planning, simultaneous construction, synchronous acceptance and synchronous delivery to ensure that children in new residential communities can be admitted to the nearest school.This year's new planning is mainly concentrated in primary and secondary schools, reflecting the trend of the start of kindergarten students who have begun to transfer to higher school segments.

The Hangzhou Education Bureau has made unremitting efforts in improving the level of education. It not only invested huge basic education, but also widely used the model of "famous schools+new schools" in the development planning of new schools.High -quality development to ensure students' experience in high -quality education.At the same time, in the field of high school education, long -term planning has also been formulated, and high -quality high schools are established through urban cooperation to achieve a balanced distribution of high school education resources.

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