German language skills can improve career prospects for Indians abroad

Experts at the Huddle Global 2023 conference in Trivandrum emphasized the importance of German language proficiency for Indian professionals seeking employment opportunities in Western European countries outside the UK. While English remains the global language of business, mastery of the German language can greatly enhance an immigrant's ability to seamlessly integrate into the local community and work environment.

The panelists from three European countries - Germany, Austria and Switzerland - highlighted the efforts of the younger generation in taking foreign language courses and the growing Indian diaspora in these countries. They expressed optimism about the potential for Indian professionals in the German-speaking Community, especially in light of India's recent advances in the tech sector.

German language skills can improve career prospects for Indians abroad

India's thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem and its contribution to the healthcare sector, especially in vaccine development, was cited as an example of India's potential to make a significant contribution to Western Europe. Achim Burkart, Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany, noted recent efforts to liberalize immigration regulations to meet the demand for some 400,000 skilled workers per year.

Hans-Jorg Hortnagl, head of the trade promotion organization Advantage Austria, highlighted the opportunities for Indian start-ups in Western Europe in the fields of information technology and life sciences, particularly in the area of computer vision. He noted the growing demand for automation solutions that can replace human labor.

The fifth edition of Huddle Global was held at Adimaratullah and attracted around 15,000 delegates from India and abroad. The conference provided a platform for experts and professionals to discuss strategies for global expansion and business growth.

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