Effectively communicate and understand the practice of children's Beijing family education theme cultivation practice

"Communicate and warmer the home." 2024 The Beijing Family Education Theme Cultivation Practice Activities launched on the 21st.Beijing Women's Federation Photo Confession
China News Network, Beijing News, April 21 (Reporter Xu Jing) "Communicate and warms the home more warmly." 2024 The Beijing Family Education Theme Cultivation Practice Activity was launched on the 21st in the Beijing Urban Library on the 21st.This year, the event will collect and display the topic of the topic book and carry out the "My family parenting story" to consolidate the joint effort, advocate the improvement of communication between family members, cultivate children and children to think, learn to listen, create warmth togetherHarmonious family atmosphere.
At the event, Bian Yufang, director of the Institute of Psychological Health and Education of Beijing Normal University, conducted an in -depth interpretation of the theme of "communication, warming the home warmer". From the perspective of psychology, from the perspective of psychologyExplain the importance of communication skills, and explain in detail the way to improve communication skills, help children better establish emotional connections with others, help parents realize effective communication with their children, and better understand children.
As a public welfare ambassador to cultivating the theme of Beijing Family Education in 2024, CCTV Children's Program Host Red Guoguo and Green Bubble sharing understanding of communication, advocating the majority of parents attach importance to family education, listen, communicate more, think in other places, and communicate equally.Use love and wisdom to give children respect, understanding and encouragement, let children grow up in love, help them establish the correct outlook on life and values, and cultivate children's comprehensive development of morality, intellectual, physical and labor.
Combined with the "4.23" World Reading Day, the launching ceremony was released at the scene of "Communication" theme book list.Earlier, the event solicited hundreds of books for major publishing houses, and invited experts in various fields such as psychology, education, and publishing of children to select 20 children's reading theme books for the theme of "communication".At the event site, the leaders and guests presented the theme books to the children's representatives, hoping that they felt the power of reading and became a better self through reading the spiritual world.
Since 2020, the Beijing Municipal Women's Federation, the Municipal Education Commission, and the Municipal Customs Committee continued to jointly jointly carry out the practice of the theme of family education themes. Each year, a family education theme was released, inviting tutor experts to interpret it, organize theme practice activities, etc.The model creates a family and social environment that is conducive to the healthy growth of children.
The event was hosted by the Beijing Municipal Women's Federation, the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, and the Beijing Municipal Customs Committee.Starting this month, the event will host the "Xinrui Plan" family tutoring forum in the Beijing Urban Library every month to invite experts in relevant fields to conduct 8 consecutive public welfare lectures around family education topics such as children's psychology, children's growth, parent -child communication, etc.Help parents master the scientific parenting concepts and methods, enhance family development capabilities, and cultivate good children in the new era.(over)