Develop new quality productive forces · front -line observation | Accelerate running commercial aerospace to "Tian" and run commercial aerospace

Original title: Develop new quality productive forces · front -line observation | Speed up to commercial space to "Tian"

Commercial aerospace refers to a market -oriented and commercial profit model.In recent years, China's commercial aerospace power has sprung up, showing the remarkable strength, and in order to accelerate the development of new quality and continuously injects new momentum.Especially this year, "Commercial Aerospace" was written into a government work report for the first time, and it opened a fast development model.

What is the current development of commercial aerospace?What applications are related to us?Starting from three keywords and entering commercial space.

Keyword one: Busy!

"Line up" in the commercial aerospace launch site

This year, the first launch station of the Hainan International Commercial Space Launch Center, the first commercial aerospace launch site in my country, will achieve normalized launch.The first appearance of the word "business" means that there are many different things in this launch site.

When the reporter walked into the No. 2 launch station, it was seen that the diversion slot was currently capped and was installed by equipment.During the interview, the reporter learned that for the sake of doing everything, the launch station was required to meet the launch requirements of the 19 rocket rockets of 9 Rockets. It was only the number of interfaces, which was several times that of the previous space launch stations.

According to Bian Pengfei, the project manager of No. 2 launch station, with the significant increase in commercial aerospace launch demand, Hainan International Commercial Space Launch Center must pay special attention to the cost and efficiency of the launch.Every time, we must communicate with the staff of the design and rocket models, and one step requires thousands of processes.

Knowing that with the launch stations of exclusive commercial aerospace rockets, many domestic head -of -headed commercial aerospace companies such as China Science and Technology Aerospace, Blue Arrow Aerospace, and Tianbing Technology have already planned to land in Wenchang International Aerospace City, and they have begun to queue. I hope to give it to it.The launch position is reserved by your own rocket.

Guo Qiang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Hainan International Commercial Aerospace Launch Center, introduced that we planned in accordance with two medium -sized liquid stations and 2 solid small -scale stations.The medium -sized liquid station plays 16 rockets a year, and one dozens of rockets are hit by solid workshops.In order to meet the needs of the current market, there are two, third, and larger plans in the back.

Keyword two: Quick!

Private Rockets "grow up and happy"

In the launching ground that has not been built, it is lined up and waiting for launch. This scene, from the perspective of commercial aerospace industry, is a new thing that has never been before.What is even more unexpected is that last year, the number of launch and success rate of the rockets developed by private rocket companies in my country was significantly improved. A total of 13 launch was implemented throughout the year. EssenceThese rockets have a common birthplace -the "Rocket Street" located in the Beijing Yizhuang Economic and Technological Development Zone.At present, the development of private rockets that landed here account for more than 75%of the country, and there are 8 models of commercial rockets that have been successfully launched across the country, 6 of which are here.

The reporter learned that a number of enterprises are developing liquid rockets that can be reused. Although the "formula" is different, they are stepping up the troiders and experiments, and plan to achieve the first flight as soon as possible.The Suzaku No. 3 Rockets from the Blue Arrow Aerospace can be reused 20 times in one son. In the future, its launch cost will reach about 20,000 yuan per kilogram. Compared with the current domestic private rockets about 80,000 to 110,000 yuan per kilogram, launchThe price will be greatly reduced.

Dai Zheng, chief commander of Suzaku No. 3 Rockets, said that commercial aerospace and national team aerospace are part of Chinese aerospace. If we can break through this technology, it also means that the Chinese aerospace industry can break through key technologies for reuse and achieve significant reductionThe goal of entering space costs provides very strong support for our country's subsequent large -scale satellite Internet engineering networking network.

Reporter's interview found that while the various companies are spelling and speaking, while fighting technology, they still start to build their own exclusive laboratory. For some projects that require high frequency tests, they can firmly grasp the production and test progress progress.In your own hands.

Xu Guoguang, deputy chief designer of Gravity No. 2, said that if you use the engine (test desk) in the system, you may try up to once or twice a month, but if you build a test station yourself, you can try it once or twice a week.Even two or three times, efficiency will be greatly improved.

Keyword three: Many!

The effect of driving from 100 to 1000 commercial space is obvious

As an important part of commercial aerospace, commercial satellites have currently exceeded 350 commercial satellites, which are applied to multiple fields such as communication, remote sensing, navigation.More and more satellites not only drive the rapid development of related industries, but also change our lives little by little.

In the research and development laboratory of Galaxy Aerospace, the reporter saw a set of nearly 9 -meter -long flexible sun wings, which is used for the new generation of low -orbit Internet satellites.On it, there is a motivation called a harmonic reducer. In the past, there was no low -cost and high -performance products similar to commercial aerospace.

Sunwing designer Wu Sijie introduced that in order to find this component that can meet the needs of the Astronomical level, they investigated it for a long time before finally determining the partners and jointly carried out research and development.Such a win -win cooperation model has also increased the suppliers and supporting partners of Galaxy Aerospace from more than 100 companies in 2018 to more than 1,000 today.

It is precisely the ability to see the gathering and supporting facilities of the commercial space industry. At present, Hainan, Anhui, Shaanxi, Shanghai, Beijing and other places have introduced policies to encourage the formation of commercial space industry clusters.Zhang Jihong, Zhang Jihong, Director of the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission and the director of Zhongguancun Management Committee, in order to accelerate the formation of new commercial aerospace product, Beijing has established a reusable use of rocket technology innovation centers to accelerate the key core technology of Star Arrows and is promoting the constructionIn the industrial agglomeration area such as towns, the industrial development pattern of "South Arrows and North Star, Double Core Park, and Niginal Hebei" is constructed.

Nowadays, the bigger and stronger commercial aerospace is still changing our lives quietly.The reporter learned that in a park in Beijing, the technical verification test of the low -orbital satellite Internet is being conducted. Through specific equipment, the mobile terminal in the hands can be directly connected to the satellite.In the future, as the number of launch satellites increases, the coverage area will become wider and wider, and the communication quality will be stronger, and global coverage will be achieved.

Data insight: Behind 2.3 trillion

At present, the recognized commercial aerospace industry chain is roughly divided into upstream manufacturing, midstream launch, downstream applications and operations.According to the estimates of relevant reports, the scale of my country's commercial aerospace industry will exceed 2.3 trillion yuan this year.At the same time, with a series of policy support, my country's commercial space industry is growing rapidly.From the perspective of the number of enterprises, the number of new enterprises in the field of commercial aerospace in my country last year was 11,3272, an increase of 28.95%year -on -year 87,844.Among them, 43%are rocket manufacturing companies and 35%are satellite manufacturing companies.

From the perspective of the number of launch, private rocket companies launched 13 times in 2023, and 5 times in 2022, an increase of 160%year -on -year. In terms of launching success, private enterprises have successfully traveled 12 times, accounting for 18%of my country's total launch tasks. There are about 7.46%of the last year, that is, 2022, in 2022.Within a year, the number of private enterprises has not only increased significantly, but the success rate has also increased.

In 2023, the top 100 commercial aerospace companies in China ranked in the top five from Beijing, Guangdong and Hubei.

According to a data released by related think tanks, the size of my country's commercial aerospace market has maintained rapid growth since 2015. From 2017 to 2024, the average annual growth rate remained above 20%.Especially this year, under the active layout of local governments and enterprises, it is expected that the size of China's commercial space market will exceed 2.3 trillion yuan.

Experts believe that a future communication industry can reach a trillion -dollar market.If through 5 to 10 years, my country has broken through the technology of repeated rockets, and has the ability to deploy its own commercial satellite through high density to deploy its own commercial satellite.Commercial aerospace will also be converted from the Shengli Army to another new main force in the country.

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