Create an immersive environment experience!The "healing cabin" brings a new way for the winter of the Zhongshan Station of Antarctica

At the Zhongshan Station of Antarctica in my country, 20 inspectors are currently performing overwintering tasks.Faced with the psychological pressure brought by the extremely night and low temperature, the players now have a new place to heal the body and mind.

Outside the winter dormitory building of Zhongshan Station, there is a colorful "Antarctic Health Man for healing".It came to Zhongshan Station with China's 39th Antarctic Inspection Team to investigate the physical and mental health of the players.

Wei Li, a member of the wintering team of the Antarctic Zhongshan Station: In a snowy and snowy environment in Antarctica, there is such a cabin, which is a very novel experience for our team members.

In the Antarctica, scientific research staff must respond to a series of severe challenges such as extreme low temperature, extreme day, pole and night change, and adapt to long -term isolation status with external society.

Hao Luoxi, a professor at the School of Architecture and Urban Planning of Tongji University: In the process of long -term living and execution tasks of Antarctica, our scientific research team often encounters significant changes in physiological and psychological levels, such as sleep disorders, day and night rhythm disorders, etc.The problem is accompanied by negative emotional experience.