"Comprehensive and High -level Nutrition Empirical Science Feeding" Hosterhados of Infant Nutrition Technology Symposium in infant and young children is held in Beijing

"The health and nutritional issues of infants and young children are not only about the happiness of a family, but also the cornerstone of the future development of a country." On March 22, the "comprehensive and high -level nutritional empirical scientific feeding"Sun Baoguo, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the chairman of the Chinese Food Science and Technology Society, said in a speech that he called for reports that food technology did not just stay in laboratory research and academic journals, but to apply the latest results to practice.Applying to production and sharing scientific and technological progress with the whole society.

Pay attention to how to break the ecstasy in the early life of life 

Han Junhua, Secretary -General of the Chinese Nutrition Society, said that the nutritional guarantee of 1,000 days in the early days of life is very important. Breast milk is the most ideal food for babies.When breastfeeding fails, you can choose infant formula powder that meets the requirements of national standards.Han Junhua describes the scientific basis behind the new national standard of infant formula for energy, protein, vitamin A, vitamin D, and choline, respectively, and pointed out that the concept of comprehensive nutrition is not static, and it needs to be more and more conforming to modern health concepts and the concept of health and the concept of modern health.The latest scientific evidence.With the deepening of breast milk research, the nutritional ingredients and their content will also have corresponding dynamic adjustments.

In this regard, Liu Ying, marketing director of Hepino Biotechnology Co., Ltd., said: "Hepnuokai always uses" scientific and technological innovation "as a driving force to promote the global industrial chain layout and build a global 1+6+N research and development system to provideFully adapt to high -quality products that fully adapt to comprehensive nutritional needs of infants and young children, and use the PRO59 gold ratio technology to make Hepnuoka a benchmark for "comprehensive nutrition".

 Liu Ying, marketing director of Hepuokai Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

The survey report of "Million Chinese Mom Parenting Status" shows that super 90%of mothers have encountered fed puzzles, and 53%of mothers say that feeding makes them feel the most headache.How to scientifically identify nutritional information that is truly beneficial to the healthy growth of infants and young children is the common topic of every parent.In response to the current hot parenting topics, many experts participated in the theme round table forums of "comprehensive high -level nutrition, empirical scientific feeding", talking about their views on current infants and young children.

Roundtable Forum site (from left to right: Director Ding Gangqiang, Director of the Institute of Nutrition and Health, Director of the China Disease Control and Control Center, Han Junhua, Zhang Yumei, Guo Huiyuan, Wang Jiaqi)

Guo Huiyuan, School of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering, China Agricultural University, believes that early life nutrition will have a significant impact on the health of mother and infant groups and disease risks. The intake of key nutrients is critical to maintaining early health.

"Breastfeeding is the best way to feed the baby. Breast milk is the most comprehensive nutrition. Comprehensive nutrition is the" first principle "of scientific feeding.Powder can meet the requirements of comprehensive nutrition. Scientific feeding allows children to have all growth and development indicators in normal range. Scientific and comprehensive nutrition is the most important. Do not blindly pursue large and heavy, otherwise there will be high health risks."

Talking about this, Wang Jiaqi, chief nutrition scientist of the Australian Dairy Global R & D Center, said that the value of an enterprise lies in solving specific social problems.Based on breast milk research, Hepnuokai 1897 provides scientific comprehensive nutritional products for infants and young children, and provides users with high -level comprehensive nutritional choices through continuous research."A good product that conforms to the concept of scientific feeding and can be trusted by thousands of parents. The product itself is one of the best solutions for reducing parenting anxiety and building a childlike -friendly society."

Comprehensive nutritional becomes trend to help scientific feeding concepts popularize

Today, with the rapid development of information technology, although novice parents can easily obtain massive parenting knowledge and nutritional information, the flood of information also makes them confused and anxious when choosing feeding methods.Therefore, it is essential for scientific popularization of feeding concepts and guiding parents to make wise choices.  At the meeting, "Hepnuokai Comprehensive High -level Nutrition Feed Research Project" was officially launched

At the meeting, a number of experts repeatedly emphasized that breast milk is the most ideal source of nutrients for infants and young children. It contains the comprehensive comprehensive ingredients and various biological activity ingredients needed for the growth of infants and young children.Comprehensiveness and equilibrium provide important reference for the research and development of formula milk powder.With the implementation of the new national target, higher requirements have been put on the nutritional components of infants and young children's formula milk powder and their ratio. Comprehensive nutrition has become an inevitable trend in the development of the industry.

On the same day, the Chinese Food Science and Technology Society also organized experts to combine offline and online ways to conduct product products applied for the "Hepnuokai Richelon Series Comprehensive Nutrition Formula Milk Powder" applied forComment.Experts from experts from the China Food Science and Technology Society, the National Food Safety Risk Evaluation Center, the Chinese Institute of Nutrition, the School of Public Health of Peking University, the School of Food of the Northeast Agricultural University, and the School of Food Science and Nutrition Engineering of China Agricultural University attended the review meeting.

According to reports, the "Hepnuo Kaihe Series Comprehensive Nutrition Formula Milk Powder" products have the original P-59 comprehensive nutritional formula, rich in more than 59 gold nutrients, including milk iron protein, HMOS, probiotic probiotics, double hydrolysis, double hydrolysisMolecular, OPO, DHA, ARA, lutein, choline and other nutrients.Based on the comprehensive nutrition and scientific ratio, the PRO59 gold ratio technology brings 97%of the nine major feeding performances such as digestion, comfortable belly, and less sensitivity.

Australia's aspects said that the strong scientific research strength provides a strong bottom of the fine cultivation and innovation of the nutrition and health career of Hepinoka infant.It is understood that Hepnuokai has a national -based R & D team consisting of more than 200 doctoral and dairy experts. The team has applied for more than 500 national patents and published more than 200 academic papers.

At the scene, through a series of reviews, the experts participating in the evaluation agreed: "The PRO59 comprehensive nutrition formula and technology of Haypanaka are scientific and leading, and can support the development of infant protection and more comprehensive feeding.Effect."