Chinese basketball referees need urgent reform

Senior media person Fu Zhenghao wrote an article, from the perspective of a CBA practitioner, systematically sharing the experience and feelings of a CBA club veteran about how CBA serves the construction of the national team.

In the article, the CBA club boss talked about the training of Chinese basketball referees. He pointed out that Chinese basketball referees not only missed the Tokyo Olympics, but also the World Cup, and no Chinese referees were selected for two consecutive World Championships. This shows that the problem of Chinese basketball referees is more serious than that of Chinese men's basketball players, and that the refereeing concepts and techniques of Chinese referees have lagged far behind those of their international counterparts.

Chinese basketball referees need urgent reform

The chairman of the club believes that the root of the problem lies in the fact that the Chinese Basketball Association has been too lax in reviewing the qualifications of referees in recent years, which has led to the referees not thinking of making progress and not studying the business. The management of the referee team should be strengthened again, especially to form a perfect qualification review mechanism and elimination mechanism.

The views of the veteran players of the club were widely recognized. To improve the level of Chinese basketball, the level of the referee team must be improved. The Chinese Basketball Association should seriously learn the lessons and strengthen the construction of the referee team to provide a guarantee for the take-off of Chinese basketball.

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