[China Education News Network] Northeast University organizes the practice of undergraduate labor education practice activities

In order to actively lead college students to establish the correct labor concept, master the necessary labor ability, cultivate a positive spirit of labor, and develop good labor habits and quality, recently, Northeast University in Liaoning Province organized undergraduates to carry out the cafeteria labor education practice activities.

The students have visited various operating rooms such as the canteen washing room, staple food room, cutting room, cooking room, flour room, cold ravioli room, meals and other operating rooms.The explanations in the ground drying and other aspects, and assist the staff in accordance with the specification process to complete a series of kitchen work such as ingredients and raw materials preparation.The students at the scene said that they deeply felt the value and significance of labor in the process of labor practice, and more deeply understood the value connotation of "glorious labor and creating great".

It is understood that this activity is an important part of labor education in Northeast University. It aims to enrich the working carrier and effective paths of college students' labor education by carrying out labor practice activities.In the future, schools will continue to deepen labor education, consolidate all aspects of labor education, help students get an immersive labor experience in their own practice, and comprehensively improve the quality of labor education.

It is reported that as the first batch of labor education demonstration schools in Liaoning Province, Northeast University attaches great importance to labor education, closely focusing on the fundamental tasks of the people of the Trees, and combined with specific reality, the overall design and system planning of labor education has been made."Education Implementation Plan", collaborates from the two dimensions of classroom teaching and daily college students' ideological and political education, set up labor education credits separately, offers labor education courses, and effectively strengthen Marxist labor education education; rely on Northeast University "one -stop" studentsThe construction of a comprehensive management model of the community has continuously consolidated the labor and education units in the "five education", actively builds the "love -Laosi school" labor education brand, deeply explores the labor education practice base, and carry out the collection of public welfare resources for labor education.As an executive director of the Labor Education Professional Committee of the Chinese Higher Education Society, Northeast University has solidly promoted academic research, exchange activities, and the development of labor education resources.The purpose of wisdom, strong body, and educating beauty leads the comprehensive development of students, intellectual, physical, and beautiful.

Author: Liu Yiming

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