Beijing Fashion Week | Xu Fan's "Ruan Lingyu" farewell to the performance is wearing it

At the Beijing Fashion Week scene, Beijing Daily Video interviewed the founder and creative director of the independent designer brand Zifei Wang brand, and Wang Zifei, the top ten fashion designers in China.

Zifei Wang Zifei's work this time combines sustainable fashion and non -heritage innovation. It is both retro and future.Traits.Coincidentally, we also saw Wang Zifei at the scene during the 70th anniversary of the Beijing People's Art Theater in 2022, and once designed the new clothing designed for the clothing designed by Mr. Xu Fan's "Ruan Lingyu".

Designer Wang Zifei has the insight into fashion in his bones, and has coexisted with cultural innovation and inheritance into the brand's DNA.Many years of design experience gives her to have her own unique insights, and through the form of fashion shows, she conveys the fashion philosophy and experience that is unique to Zifei Wang.In the conversation with Wang Zifei, we also felt that she was constantly innovating in inheritance, and her physical strength and behavior of Chinese style costumes sought new ways.