Ajax shouldn't have fired Stein

According to the most recent reports, Ajax faced a challenging situation in the 9th round of the Dutch League. They managed to recover from a 0-2 deficit with three successive goals, only to concede two more goals in the closing stages, resulting in a 4-3 loss to Utrecht. Ajax's performance has been disappointing, as they haven't secured a victory in their last 8 matches across all competitions, with 3 draws and 5 losses, marking a rather embarrassing record dating back to 1954. According to Dutch media, Ajax star Van der Vaart continues to express his support for manager Stein.

Raphael van der Vaart shared his views during a radio program, stating that, in his opinion, Ajax shouldn't have dismissed manager Stein, despite the team's underwhelming performance. He remarked, "I remain steadfast in my support for him [Stein]."

Ajax shouldn't have fired Stein

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In response to this, another Dutch star, Van Hooydonk, inquired, "What's the basis for your judgment? Do you believe he still possesses the ability to guide the team to improvement?"

Van der Vaart replied, "Not necessarily. It's just that I don't see any players who can turn the game around. As a coach, there's only so much you can do, and in the end, the players struggle to execute the tactics."

"The coach does shoulder the primary responsibility, but at Ajax, the coach isn't the sole issue. It's a broader breakdown, and the coach can perhaps make some improvements and salvage the situation in about 20% of the cases. However, in the remaining 80% of the cases, there's very little that can be done."

"I'm not influenced by external factors; my perspective is entirely personal. I simply observe a struggling team and a group of players," Van der Vaart emphasized.

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