After "Mega storm", Li wanted to post "admit mistakes"

On March 21, Li Li, the chairman of the ideal car founder and CEO Li, wanted to release internal letters, reviewed and explained his own reflection since the "Mega storm".

The letter states that the ideal MEGA has a rhythm problem, and the ideal MEGA is operated from the stage 0 to 1 (commercial verification period) from the stage 1 to 10 (high -speed development period).In addition, the ideal car pays too much attention to sales and competition from top to bottom, allowing desires to surpass value.

Li Xiang said that in the future, the ideal car will patiently operate the ideal MEGA at the rhythm from 0 to 1, focus on the core user group, and focus on cities with strong high -end pure electric consumption capabilities.



Beginning with a unique appearance

"Mega storm" comes from the ideal appearance of ideal Mega.Since its listing, the ideal Mega has been polarized by reputation due to appearance.

Some consumers believe that MEGA has a "sense of technology" and "futuristic", while the other partly believes that it is "extremely ugly and ugly", which means that it is difficult to accept its design style.

After the ideal Mega was listed, there were some teasing sounds such as "gifted cars" and funeral cars on the Internet and social media platforms. Then there were some pictures such as the word "lay" in the rear of the car.And related spoof pictures and spoof videos were quickly spread.

In response to this storm, the ideal car also counterattacked.On March 11th, on the first batch of ideal MEGA's official delivery, the ideal car CEO Li wanted to post in a circle of friends that he would use the "light counterattack darkness" to carry out the organized illegal crimes in the with.


In fact, MEGA has been controversial since its appearance. When the design drawings are exposed, a large number of netizens have scolded ugliness. The ideal car chairman and CEO Li Xiangxiang said that the leakage picture was unreal, and he threatened that if it was really designed as ugly,Just kill the design team and jump off the building by yourself.

It was only that Mega eventually became "Li wants to jump off the building". Li thought that the shot "bullet" finally hit himself.

Compared with the success of the previous product public opinion, Li Xiang obviously turned the car on Mega this time.


Actively guide public opinion orientation

But the final sales are dim

Despite the beginning of the incident, Li Xiang has actively responded to public opinion in the market.

However, any effort can not save the ideal MEGA's precarious sales.Earlier, the Financial Association broke the news that within 72 hours of the ideal Mega listing, about 3218 units were fixed, and the amount of withdrawal was 10,297.

After more than half a month of market verification, consumers did not buy the bill.According to relevant reports, within half a month, MEGA received only nearly 4,000 orders, only half of the goal.

Earlier, the annual sales of MEGA were expected to be 70,000 to 80,000 units, and the average monthly average of more than 7,000 units.

Industry insiders said that earlier wanted to make MEGA into Tesla's explosive Sai Bo pickup, it became the brand's flag and label, and made the first place in the market of 500,000 yuan.


Can the ideal car sales reverse?

In response to the ideal MEGA order, some institutional analysis believes that on the one hand, MEGA's product power does not match its price, and the price of over 550,000 is the existence of the ceiling in the new domestic power MPV, but its product power is also combinedNot prominent;

On the other hand, the unique shape makes its reputation significant. At the same time, the public opinion storm on the Internet may also affect its image in the minds of consumers and reduce the willingness to buy a car.

After nearly half a month of market sales verification, Li wanted to confirm his mistakes, saying that "the pursuit of desire has made us become a person we hate, reducing the expectations and desires of sales"

Li Xiang said that in the future, he will patiently operate the ideal MEGA at a rhythm from 0 to 1, focus on the core user group, and focus on cities with strong high -end pure electricity consumption capacity.After effectively completing the stage from 0 to 1, it is promoted to more cities and larger user groups.At the same time, it will reduce the expectations and desires of sales, and return to the improvement of user value and operating efficiency.

Shortly after Li wanted to post, the ideal car issued an announcement in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Since the sales order was not as expected, the company is currently expected to increase the vehicle delivery in the first quarter of 2024 to 76,000 to 78,000, and the previous expected delivery volume is 100,000 to 103,000.

After Li wants to make a change to make changes, can MEGA's word of mouth reversed?Can consumers buy it and the sales volume of the ideal car of the ideal car recovered?We also need to wait for market feedback.