Adi Balkan: A hero fighting for healthcare rights

Adi Balkan passed away on October 27, 2023 at the age of 42 years. He was a wonderful father, husband and medical activist.

Balkan was diagnosed in 2016 with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, a disease that causes progressive muscle atrophy and weakness. After being diagnosed with ALS, Balkan was determined to use his experience to help others access healthcare.

Adi Balkan: A hero fighting for healthcare rights

He was one of the leaders in saving the Affordable Care Act and is the subject of the 2021 documentary film, Unquiet, which tells his story. Balkan also co-founded Be A Hero, a nonprofit organization that aims to expand access to health care.

In a statement, Balkan's wife, Kim, said, "Adi was a wonderful father and my life partner of 18 years. Until the end of his life, he fought for 24/7 care. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of his caregivers, we were able to navigate through Adi's health challenges as family. Everyone deserves an opportunity like this."

Jamila Headley, Co-Executive Director of Be A Hero, said, "After his diagnosis, Adi chose to use his time away from fighting to create a country where healthcare is a human right. He knew that what he was going to do would transcend his life, and his tireless efforts made him one of America's most prominent healthcare advocates.

Balkan's legacy will live on through his family, friends and the 'Be a Hero' organization. His efforts on behalf of healthcare rights will continue to inspire people to fight for the right to healthcare for all.

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